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Himalayan Canvas – From a Dream to Reality by Garima Lohumi!!

  • May 25, 2024
  • 4 min read
Himalayan Canvas – From a Dream to Reality by Garima Lohumi!!

RECITE YOU appreciates the Artwork of Garima Lohumi, Owner – “Himalayan Canvas.”

Her artworks break boundaries, reflects her homeland, and inspire people around the world. In an exclusive conversation with Garima, Recite you, explore her creative journey and the profound impact of her art.

Himalayan Canvas: Reflections of Artwork of Natural Beauty!!

Garima, your artworks have been described as reflections of the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh and sources of inspiration for many. Please tell us about the influence of your homeland on your creative process?

Himalayan Canvas: Reflections of Artwork of Natural Beauty!!

When I was a small girl, I would have hours and hours when I was completely absorbed by the beauty that the whole world has and which most people overlook. Thus, with every stroke of my brush and through my painting reflects the grandness of nature with great vivacity and emotion.

My persistence and sincerity were more than rewarded, and by now, with more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram, the state of Himachal Pradesh can be proud my artwork. 

Your paintings are loved by people around the world!!

Garima, your miniature landscape paintings are loved by people around the world. Can you tell us how you create these pieces and what you hope people feel when they look at your art?

Himalayan Canvas Reflections of Artwork of Natural Beauty!!

Being an artist, I try to give the diversity of the landscapes by creating a variety of artwork, from custom diaries and journals to acrylic paintings that capture the beauty of the Himalayas. However, my most appreciated work is miniature landscape paintings.

Each tiny brushstroke in these paintings invites viewers to experience the peacefulness of Himachal Pradesh, with its snowy peaks, waterfalls, and lush meadows.

Himalayan Canvas: Offering Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Artists!!

Garima, your talents extend beyond visual arts into singing, vlogging, and mentoring aspiring artists. Please share with us how these forms enrich your creative journey, and how your father’s support has influenced your determination to pursue your dreams?

Himalayan Canvas Reflections of Artwork of Beauty!!

I love being not limited to visual arts only. I am passionate about singing too, posting frequently on my Instagram account. I use to shares mini vlogs on Instagram for my viewers.

I also add many reels on my account offering tips and tricks for aspiring artists.

My father Mr. Rakesh Lohumi recognized my talent from the very first steps, he encourages it with limitless motivation and trust. His never-ending love and encouragement shape my determination to go through obstacles and fulfil dreams no matter what difficulties comes across my way.

Inspiration for People Worldwide!!

Garima, your art inspires young people in Himachal Pradesh to follow their dreams and what advice do you have for young artists who want to pursue their dreams?

Himalayan Canvas – From a Dream to Reality by Garima Lohumi!! Inspiration for People Worldwide!!

I would suggest young artists, never be afraid to follow your passion. Rather be true to yourself and your craft and I believe that hard work, perseverance, and a strong will can turn your dreams into reality.

My art is my way of staying connected to my roots and inspiring others to do the same. I am always been passionate about showing the beauty of my homeland, Himachal Pradesh, through my artwork. It’s so rewarding to see my art has resonated with people and become a symbol of cultural richness and environmental beauty.

Every brushstroke is a tribute to my state and country and I hope to inspire young artists to be courageous, follow their dreams, and celebrate their true selves.


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