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Who We Are?

We celebrate individualities. Too brief to know us, right? We are the voice of that every individual who, with firm determination and extraordinary willpower, has done wonders in the field of life. We narrate the journeys of those people who are worth speaking about. So, for all those achievers- that’s what we do! We Recite You!

Vision of Recite You

We ‘Recite you’ are a global platform celebrated for our astute content and narrations, where everything is selected with unparalleled attention and finesse. We speak about their journeys and how they came to where they are today. The most crucial part of any extraordinary feat is the “struggle” that goes behind it. And every struggler has a story to recite. We provide a platform where we listen to people with exceptional achievements. We are not solely recounting narratives; we are inspiring people.
Vision Of Recite You

Our Mission

Every wonderful thing begins with an idea. We started this platform to inspire people. We bring you India’s most inspiring people and their stories. Our mission is to build a community where we can talk about anything and everything that inspires us to be the person we want to become. The sole purpose of our work is to reach out to each and every person or group whose journey will inspire the world. We aspire to grow uncompromising in our principle of ‘‘inspiring people and spreading knowledge.’’

“At Recite You, we’re not just celebrating journeys – we’re sparking a movement.’’ Our mission is to inspire positive change by sharing stories of those who have overcome hardships to achieve great things. And we’re not stopping there. Our ultimate goal is to become India’s largest platform for spreading positivity and empowering individuals to pursue their dreams. So come along for the ride – let’s recite stories of strength, resilience, and triumph, and make a difference, one story at a time.

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