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Empowering Lives: The Inspirational Journey of Arathy K. Nair, Counseling Psychologist, Mentor, and Artist

Arathy K. Nair’s words, “When life puts you in unmanageable problems, reframe the situation by extracting positivity from it and

Eshita Chaudhary: A Young Girl From Himachal Contributing to Healthcare

Eshita Chaudhary has anyone ever told you how important it is for us to maintain our health in these chilly

Plates to Potential: ‘Aahaar’ and their Vision of an Empowered Community

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” The touching journey of Aahaar, a small group

This Diff-Abled IAS Officer Doesn’t Need Our Pity, She Commands Our Respect

Diff-Abled IAS Officer: Ira, who is the first person with a disability to achieve the top rank in the UPSC