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Pothole Free Future Of Roads: The Legendary PotHoleRaja

  • May 21, 2021
  • 3 min read
Pothole Free Future Of Roads: The Legendary PotHoleRaja

Pothole Free Future Of Roads: India’s people are no aliens to potholes on roads. If sarcastically speaking, there are more potholes than roads in India and when we come to the practical aspect, we realize, this is not just a minor problem but a threat to lives as potholes are one of the major reasons for road accidents in India. `

While most of us keep blaming each other and the circle keeps going from the authorities to the road department to some other and the cycle keeps going. Pratap Bhimsena Rao, who is also a Ph.D. scholar from Harvard University took cognizance of this issue and the contribution he has given in this rightly gives him the name, PotHole Raja. Pratap says that he got affected when one of his friend’s daughters fell into a pothole and died on the spot.

He founded a social enterprise called PotHoleRaja to save lives and raise public awareness regarding road safety among all Indians. The goal is to have no accidents on the roads, to build roads that save lives, to fill potholes, to prevent millions of people from hurting their backs while driving, to conserve millions of dollars worth of fuel, and to make use of waste products for a stable world.

Their primary goal is to eliminate potholes from roads. They work to take action to save many lives lost in traffic accidents each year. They are aware of the hazard posed by potholes on roadways as a social enterprise for the welfare of people. By filling in these potholes, they want to save lives, create a sustainable future out of garbage, and save the annual loss of tonnes of gasoline.

To remove potholes from roads, Pot Hole Raja uses public-private partnerships and involves the public, employees, and the transgender community. They develop a sense of nation-building as a result of this. The environment is harmed by plastic and other waste products. However, they employ them as our primary tool in the fight against the pothole issue. With the use of technology, we employ plastic and other environmentally friendly practices to maintain the state of Indian roadways. They make sure to give you access to safer, well-kept roadways. They use economical and green techniques. They can deal with the pothole issue with the aid of their transgender/poor buddies.

Thus, Pratap’s initiative of PotHole Raja is going places now and people have started taking cognizance of potholes and are also working towards eradicating them hence making India a better place.

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