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Eshita Chaudhary: A Young Girl From Himachal Contributing to Healthcare

  • April 2, 2024
  • 2 min read
Eshita Chaudhary: A Young Girl From Himachal Contributing to Healthcare

Eshita Chaudhary has anyone ever told you how important it is for us to maintain our health in these chilly winters? Well, meet Eshita Chaudhary, a medico from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. She’s just a regular student making sure all of us have a good and happy winter. As the cold weather sets in, Eshita focuses on keeping things warm and healthy. What’s her trick for turning cold days into good days? Come along as we find out the simple and down-to-earth way Eshita keeps Kangra smiling through winter.

For Eshita, the winter is nature’s way of telling us to be especially mindful of ourselves. Her suggestions? “Think of your body like a garden; give it some extra love in the winter.” In other words, to keep your body content, eat warm, comforting foods like soups and fruits

Here are some winter hacks from Eshita Chaudhary ‘s personal diary: 

  • Dress in Layers: Eshita says, “Put on lots of clothes. It’s like being wrapped in a comfy blanket, but you still look cool. So, wear sweaters and jackets and show off your style.”
  • Stay Hydrated: According to her, “Drink water, not just when it’s hot. Sip on warm teas and soups. It helps your body stay good and doesn’t get all dry.”
  • Love Your Skin: Eshita’s secret for soft skin in winter? “Use lotion, like how you wear warm clothes. It keeps your skin happy and not all dry and itchy.”
  • Breathe Easy: She suggests, “Take big breaths. It’s like giving your lungs a warm hug. So, just take a moment, breathe in, and breathe out. It’s an easy trick for winter.”

Eshita Chaudhary now lives in a community that has evolved into one where people value their health as winter draws to an end. Eshita encourages everyone to enjoy the warmth and happiness of winter to the fullest with her advice. She wants everyone to understand how important maintaining good health is. She hopes that as they move through this season, they accept the fundamentals of staying happy and healthy and approach the challenges of winter with a positive outlook.

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