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Bhavika Bhatia: Small Town Nutritionist Balancing The Diets of Himachal Pradesh

  • May 21, 2021
  • 4 min read
Bhavika Bhatia: Small Town Nutritionist Balancing The Diets of Himachal Pradesh

Bhavika Bhatia is the nutritionist, and dietician that we all need. Born and brought up in the beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh, Ms. Bhatia is changing the lifestyles of people by providing a wide range of customized diet regimes and diet plans. Let us know more about her inspirational journey.

What inspires us the most about Ms. Bhatia’s journey is her vision as a young practitioner. She grew up seeing that people were consistently damaging their lifestyles by consuming a bad diet. She saw that most people suffering from various diseases did not know what diet they should follow to stay away from more health disorders. She realized that people keep themselves away from diet plans as they are costly. Ms. Bhatia is known for providing diet plans at nominal rates and even for free for the welfare of society. She curates extensive diet plans across various regimes, for all age groups and people suffering from specific diseases.

In a recent interview she said, “Health is wealth”, indeed, it is. Health is the biggest of assets and luxuries an individual will ever own. With our haphazard lifestyles and bad eating habits, a lot of us face problems such as obesity, malnutrition, and so on. So what’s next? The right diet plan accompanied by a proper lifestyle is the need of the hour. It is tough to emphasize enough the value of a balanced diet for leading a healthy lifestyle. Keeping a well-balanced diet and taking into account to fulfill all the essential nutrients that the body requires will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

It is quite interesting to know that the new generation of medical practitioners and dietitians are committed to using their knowledge and expertise in their areas to serve the people of the nation to stay fit and healthy. They are serving people across all strata of society and creating an example for the generations to come. Bhavika is such an inspiration for upcoming youths.

Ms. Bhavika Bhatia is a young and rising dietitian and nutritionist by profession. She is based in Himachal Pradesh and has given health-related advice to hundreds of people in India and abroad as well. She is a diehard professional with more than 1.5 years of experience and onwards. She is a philanthropist as well and does a lot of free consultations as well. She is known for her foolproof diet plans which have a 98% success rate and have changed the lifestyles of people by improving the quality of food they consume.

Growing up, she realized that she had to work in this field and help people by choosing the right diet regime for them to stay healthy and fit. Here is when Ms. Bhatia decided to pursue a course in dietetics and clinical nutrition services and went on to become an emerging nutritionist in Himachal Pradesh and surrounding areas.

Ever since she has been giving consultations, and advice to many people from a wide range of people including youngsters and old people as well. Her patients look up to her for any diet-related issues and she in exchange ensures that their health is taken care of.

There is a huge mass of patients who lack the basic amenities when it comes to having access to primary healthcare. Ms. Bhatia says that her mission is to give the society as much as she can. To fulfill this initiative of hers, she provides free of cost treatment and consultations to a lot of people who cannot afford the expensive process of getting examined and then getting a diet chart etc. This is not only helping them get access to the best diet plans but also great health. This act of treating people who cannot afford the fee, free of cost is indeed a noble gesture and we salute Bhavika for being such a philanthropist.

We at Recite You take inspiration from youngsters like Ms. Bhavika Bhatia who are using their knowledge and expertise for the welfare of society as a whole. Her mission is to create a society free of health hazards and create an India which is fit and healthy.

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