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Prakrutik Plastic Cafe: Don’t Have Money? Plastic Will Do!

  • May 21, 2021
  • 3 min read
Prakrutik Plastic Cafe: Don’t Have Money? Plastic Will Do!

Prakrutik Plastic Cafe: According to many reports, India generates a staggering 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. In reaction to the pollution that plastic causes, the government has prohibited single-use plastic. Certain single-use plastic products with limited uses and a high risk of becoming trash were no longer manufactured, imported, stored, distributed, sold, or used as stated in some prominent news reports. The use of plastic has a severe impact on both marine and land wildlife. Prohibiting single-use plastic is an essential first step in safeguarding the sustainability of our world. To help the environment, we must all stop using single-use plastic and look as often as we can for alternatives like Junagadh’s Prakrutik Plastic Cafe.

This Junagadh café doesn’t accept cash. This may sound absurd to most of us but it is true. It is engaging in the age-old practice of barter. This café in Junagadh is treating plastic like money in a world where its ethical worth is gradually eroding. It is also money in many ways. Banners for cafes and paintings that promote a green environment are all over the building.

A variety of classic Gujarati delicacies like Undhiyun, Baingan Bharta, and Thepla are available on the cafe’s menu. The cafe also serves a few wholesome dishes prepared with roses, figs, bel leaf, and other varieties of leaves. Additionally, the meals are served with locally produced cutlery and clay utensils. The larger the platter, the more plastic waste there is, according to Junagadh Collector Rachit Raj, “Our goal is to foster a healthy, clean Junagadh. We will initially trade 500 grams of plastic waste for a glass of lemon or fennel juice and one kilogram for a dish of dhokla or poha.”

Based on their weight, customers can the household plastic they bring in to order various menu items and beverages. Half a kilogram of garbage can be traded for any beverage, and a kilogram can be exchanged for a plate of dhokla. The amount of plastic waste will increase with the size of the platter. This cafe will be run by a group of women known as “Sarvoday Sakhi Mandal.” The government has provided the infrastructure. It is always a joy to see women leading any corporate endeavour. However, this group of women partnered with nearby farmers to obtain the organic components and will manage and direct it. Additionally, they contributed Rs 50,000 to the cafe’s foundation. Women have always been compelled by gender norms to work in the kitchen, where they are provided with chopping boards and spatulas. Despite this, it is noted that women-owned food businesses have had to struggle for respect in the culinary industry.

The existence of a cafe that offers meals in exchange for plastic is sometimes unbelieved by first-timers. The plastic waste is placed into a rickshaw at the end of the day and transported to a recycling facility.

Plastic has been banned across the country, so what are you doing with the plastic kept in your house? If nothing is working out, then take it to Prakrutik Plastic Cafe, where instead you will get food of your choice.

Here the solution to the problem related to plastic across the country has been found.

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