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INDIA: Nation ‘Reaching Heights’ With A Great Willpower

  • April 22, 2024
  • 6 min read
INDIA: Nation ‘Reaching Heights’ With A Great Willpower

This August 15, 2022, we, as proud Indians, celebrated our 75 years of independence. Isn’t it looking like a dream with all those years passed, what we were back then and what we are today?

India, as an economy, has come a long way. With a staggering sum of $45 trillion, the Britishers looted from us now; we stand on the pillars of being the world’s 5th largest economy. To everyone’s surprise, we have overtaken the United Kingdom, yes, Great Britain, and now is the 5th largest nation in terms of economy and GDP. One day, with all the toil, we’ll be the world’s leading economy and country, overtaking all the major countries. Not only in the economy, but India has succeeded in many ways, making people’s lives easy. During the initial time of post-independence, we were a nation shattered in pieces. There was not enough grain to feed. There was no proper plan for how we’ll run the country. We were struggling with what we were given by other countries. But we had strong willpower. Now we have achieved many significant accomplishments. We are INDIA, a nation touching extreme heights with solid determination and hard work.


We remember the time of 1965 when starvation was killing the country’s citizens. India was going through an acute food crisis. We were struggling. It is hard to imagine today how the conditions were at that time. Who thought India would survive two more wars, bring a green revolution, and become the fastest developing nation in the world?

Today, India has overcome the food crisis and has attained self-sufficiency. The larger part of the credit goes to the significant revolutions Indians witnessed in their country. The Green Revolution turned the tables by enormously increasing the quantity and quality of food grains in the country. It was a time when our then prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri pleaded the country to skip one meal at least a week. And today is when we are supplying food grains to other countries in need. While the Green revolution got our back in providing sufficient food grains, The White Revolution of 1970, pioneered by Dr Verrghese Kurein, fulfilled the demand for dairy products in the country. Today, AMUL has become the lead milk brand in Asia and is the biggest exporter of milk in the country.


We all have heard about Mangalyaan or Chandrayaan. At the same time, it is proud and tough to believe how a country whose space journey started on a bicycle can touch the orbitals of planets. The year 1963 marked the history in the world of space when a bunch of scientists, without proper amenities, launched a rocket into space, carrying it on a bicycle.

ISRO was formed in 1969 and is now the leading space and research program organisation. India’s love affair with space dates back to the year 499, when Aryabhatta began writing about space. India’s space journey has many memorable milestones. In 2014, we, as a country’s citizens, shared a proud moment when India became only the fourth country to reach Mars. Not only this, but we became the first proud country to reach Mars in the very first attempt with a sustainable budget. India has come a long way with a low budget. It was a time when India used foreign launch pads. Today India launches foreign satellites from its soil and is looking forward to building its own space stations.


September 2, 2022, was the day when India surged past the United Kingdom to become the fifth largest economy in the world, as announced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The latest change in rankings was based on quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) numbers in current dollars for the period ending December 2021. According to the IMF data, India increased its lead over the UK at the end of March.

The golden bird once flew is now coming back to the nest. India has come a long way since we got independence. Though we still have some faults as a nation but by being economically stable, we have achieved a remarkable feat of success over the years.


Apart from being the world’s fifth largest economy, India tops the first rank in being the only nation with the largest scheme of cashless economy. Facing the issue of money being cumbersome to consumers and brands, India has advanced itself in cashless ways. It is a wonderful accomplishment for our country to become cashless. Under the Digital India flagship and with a vision of making the country- a digitally empowered society, we have achieved as compared to any other developing nation. This was not only the Digital India program but also the mindset of us as a citizen to accept what was better for us. We are proud to proclaim that we are the citizens of the biggest cashless economy.


We Indians are young and eager to experiment at any age! Aren’t we? India’s startup scene is booming, and 2022 has witnessed a breakout for India’s startups. Companies going public in 2021 have raised record cash. In the year alone, the country has seen over three dozen unicorns and private companies valued at over $1 billion. And much of this impressive growth has happened in record time. In 2006 and before, we had just ten companies that were in the race to become unicorns, but today, our country owns a proud group of so many unicorn companies. Now a big name, Infosys, around 1980, was a group of seven engineers who started a business. Infosys is, in some sense, India’s original start-up. Like Infosys, India is a witness to many great brands that started as start-ups. Ola cabs, OYO, Paytm, Byju’s, and Lenskart are some of the startups that went international. In 2021, Indian startups gathered almost $8 billion in venture and PE capital, making India overtake China as a venture capital destination for the first time.

There is no second opinion that India is becoming the new hope for tech investors to fundraise start-ups.


India’s defence forces are speeding towards high-tech machinery, weaponry, and advanced modern warfare systems. Between 2015 and 2019, India was the second largest arms importer in the world, importing roughly 9.2% of the world’s weapons. India relied upon Russia, France, Israel, and other big countries for military imports. But now, India is on the verge of becoming a self-sufficient country. The Indian government is welcoming more b2g startups creating hardware and software for the government. The B2G startups are not only some of the most impressive, tenacious, and innovative startups but are also a symbol of a new India.

Big Bang Boom Solutions, SDE, and Optimized Electrotech are some of the leading defence startups in the country, and we are proud of them!

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