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Echoes: Where Fate Is Not Yet Ceased

  • May 21, 2021
  • 3 min read
Echoes: Where Fate Is Not Yet Ceased

Echoes: We all have been into some or the other cafes with our friends or family, but what’s that one thing that makes a place worth remembering? For some of us, it’s the ambiance. For others, it’s food. But a great place is something which has scads of positive energy.

Echoes cafe in Delhi is the only cafe that is run impeccably by a team of hearing and speech impaired staff. Not just a chain of cafes but a panorama of humanity, Echoes have four branches situated in three Indian cities. The most famous branches of Echoes are Hudson Lane and Satyaniketan in Delhi. It is a place that isn’t just serving food but is serving the sole purpose of mankind- Humanity. The cafe is making the dark perceptible and unheard audible.

It is truly said that “There is no love that is not an echo.” A social upliftment cause with a legitimate business scheme, Echoes was started by a group of friends in Delhi’s Satyaniketan. The great ambiance with great food Echoes is a place close to people’s hearts. We are a country where being a physical handicap is a sign of evil fate, but this cafe is breaking all the stereotypes. This place is not only overruling the pigeonhole but is also changing the way of dining. The communication gap between the customers and the staff is resolved by using handy techniques easy for both. As the staff is specially-abled, they use sign language for communication. Echoes is now a new hope for 40 specially-abled staff. Here customers don’t feel that they are differently abled in their service. There are signboards containing numerous sign boards with unique gestures, which are very useful for communicating with the staff.

When it comes to ordering food, there is a unique and special way to place orders. There are certain things that were kept in mind while constructing this cafe. There is a switch hanging on every table that has to be pressed to light up the bulb at the staff counter assigned with table numbers to call out the staff for bits of help. Also, a set of placards is placed on every table with requests like- call the manager, bill please, water please, thank you, which adds more comfort to this very functional mechanism.

For placing the orders, the customers are given note pads. On these customized pads, customers can write their menu. For example, there is a set of unique codes for every dish, and the customer has to note down the quantity along with the code. Isn’t it creative?

Visiting this cafe with friends is the same as going to any other place to eat. The special thing that makes it worth visiting is how the cafe is spreading the spirit of care among the people. Echoes Cafes are developing a sense of responsibility in every individual. Not only to the people who enjoy the dining experience but Echoes is also making a huge difference in the lives of people working there. Echoes is allowing the staff to aspire for opportunities and live the lives they want to live. The cafe is contributing to society by bridging the gap between the abled and disabled by putting them under the same roof for mutual benefits. The concept of Echoes is not just unique but is also very beautiful to look at from a new perspective of society.

“Echoes is standing on a pious notion: One small act of caring can turn someone’s life around!”

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